We are rather liking the illustrations in this Champagne Fuelled Jungle promo clip for James Palumbo's first novel titled Tomas.

Palumbo co-founded the iconic South London nightclub, Ministry Of Sound and now presides over a global muti media business renowned for its vision and daring ideas. It's his strong opinions and refusal to be daunted by controversy that have allowed him to create in Tomas, a unique image of the world, which aggressively challenges the moral corruption at the centre of the present financial turmoil.
Reader, beware this book. It’s short and small. It fits into your pocket and you can read it at leisure in any public place or alone at night. It looks like so many other books. You may think that, if the author’s any good, the story will help you escape the world around you: you can drift into another place, better or worse, according to your mood. This is precisely the danger. Do not trust appearances: below these black printed words, spread page over page, lies a vision of the world that’ll alarm the majority, revolt the sensitive and obliterate the prudish.
Tomas is due for release in July.

The second clip to promote the new book has been released. See it below.