Irish artist Conor Harrington paints a mural in Southern Italy

London based Irish artist Conor Harrington is just back from his 9 days stay in Southern Italy, the location for this year's Italian street art festival Fame Festival.

Fame Festival, Italy

The Italian street art Fame Festival is organized by Puglia-based print house Studio Cromie and is beginning to look like a fantastic event that you do not want to miss.

Pictured above is one of the mural piece's artist Conor Harrington painted outside as part of the event. I think you will all agree with us that this awesome piece has set the bar very high for the work we can expect to see in September when the festival officially opens to the public.

The line up of invited street artists taking part this year at the festival is very impressive and will include the following artists:

Erica il Cane (Ita) / Judith Supine (USA) / David Ellis (USA) / Word to Mother (Uk) / Sam3 (Spain) / Blu (Italy) / Jr (France) / Vhils (Portugal) / Conor Harrington (Ireland) / Lucy Mclauchlan (Uk) / Mark Jenkins (USA) / Dolk (Norway) / Clio (Italy) / Slinkachu (Uk) / Dem (Italy) / Will Barras (Uk) / Tuono Pettinato (Italy) / Paper Resistance (Italy)

Italian street art festival, Fame Festival festival flyer

Italian Street Art Festival in Puglia

Between June and September, Studio Cromie plans to host the artists for a variable length of time (from 1 to 4 weeks) in a small Italian centre, Grottaglie.

While there they will be offered the cooperation of the local artisans for the production of pottery works and limited edition prints. The invited artists will also have several walls/buildings located around the city at the disposal for painting and at the end of their stay, everything created, including new original artworks, screenprints and ceramic pieces made with the collaboration of local artisans will be showcased in a final group show.

The final Fame Festival exhibition will take place in one of the most ancient ceramics workshops in the area. The opening is set to be on the 19th of September with a preview party on the 18th.

More info on the show and directions on how to get there are over on the Fame Festival website.

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