Bristol Street Art website launched

Bristol Street Art is a new street art website we have been meaning to post about for a while and have only just got around to it. 

Bristol Graffiti and Street Art

The site launched in April of this year and was set up by Graphic Designer Justin Staple who moved to Bristol two years ago. As most of us are aware, the Bristol Graffiti and Street Art scene is extremely diverse and has many talented street artists at its forefront.

Bristol Street Art website launchedHere's what Justin had to say about Bristol:
"I was struck by the amazing array of street art, sometimes lurking in dark corners, sometimes as prominent features. I was soon following my other passion, photography, and photographing them whenever possible."

"It became clear to me that it was important to keep some kind of record of these pieces as they could disappear from one day to the next. So the natural follow on for me was to develop a website to display these photos."
The site enables you to view street art in three main ways: using a Bristol city map, by type or by area. The city map indicates the location of the Bristol Street Art pieces using pins, hovering over a pin and a photo is displayed along with some additional information. Clicking the photo takes you to a page with a full-size photo. Additionally, you can choose to display only the pins for a specific type of street art, for example, stencil art, or only from a certain area of Bristol, say Montpelier.

Bristol Street Art website launchedJustin wants the site to become a reference for Bristol street art and to enable the site to grow and develop he has invited other enthusiasts and street artists to become involved by contributing their own wall art / street art  photos to the website. As the website grows it will offer a unique picture of street art at different times and places in Bristol. Visit the site here and be sure and upload your Bristol street art photos if you have any.
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