StolenSpace are proud to present Meryl Donoghue’s premier U.K solo exhibition ‘Once Upon A Lie’ this thursday.

Donoghue’s current work is comprised of a collection of large-scale gyclee prints, depicting a series of strikingly lit human/animal hybrids arranged in black space. These images, born from pencil drawings, are digital creations. Transferred from page to screen, constructed from photography and then manipulated. The final images possess a sense of magical reality, underpinned by the suggestion of something more sinister and foreboding.

The new work in ‘Once Upon A lie…’ is inspired by stories that the artist has heard and events in her life that hold sway over her. It is a portrayal of desperate circumstances with unsettling and incalculable outcomes and in part pays homage to past writers, poets and musicians whose work has fuelled her imagination and inspired invention.

The show opens 30th March and runs until the 10th May.
StolenSpace Gallery | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London