The London Police aka TLP started when two English geezers moved from London to Amsterdam in 1998 to rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of the drug capital of the world. Famous for their lovable & iconic ‘Lads’ characters which have been seen on streets all over the world.

The ‘TLP’ members have come and gone, but now, after 10 years the two founding members have rejoined to bring together their unique styles in a strong collaboration for this much anticipated London show, entitled ‘10 years On The Circle Line’

This show is a celebration of a decade of work by the duo and for the 1st time collaborating what has become vastly different styles. While one artist’s skill at drawing a circle ‘freehand’ is staggering, no compasses, guides or masks are used. While the other, since his departure in 2004, has developed his own imagery, an architectural style of line drawing. In these playful fantasy cityscapes ‘the lads’ are constructed and move around freely, in turn helping to build further elements of the city. They wanted to create a place full of interaction between their circle drawing and line drawing.

This show will feature new works from the The London Police on linen & canvas, video installation and photography.... as well as see the release of a new limited edition hand pulled screen print.

The exhibition opens tonight 9th April at StolenSpace with a private view from 6pm.

StolenSpace | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London
The show will run until 26th April.