We blog about this release back in March. Eine's
shutterfont print black is now available from the Nelly Duff website. The print is £300.00 (unframed), 70 x 70 cm in size on 320gsm somerset satin paper and will include a minimum of 77 hand pulled screens.

There are 3 different editions, a white, black and gold version with an edition of 150 of the black version and an edition of 25 of the gold and white versions -all numbered and signed by Eine. The gold and white versions are priced at £350 (unframed). The above image is a working progress image of the White version.The print will ship monday, May 11, 2009
The print release will be staggered, the first release will be online today Wednesday April 22nd for all you early birds, with the other half of the edition saved for a special release party on Thursday May 7th.