MWM Graphics is a design and illustration studio based in Portland, Maine USA. Working across a range of disciplines, from colorful vector illustrations style, to freeform watercolor paintings, and large-scale aerosol murals. Matt has been constantly evolving and expanding his visual vocabulary over the years, incorporating distorted shapes, rich textures and vibrant patterns into his unique graphic language.

Matt also has a passion for logo design and typography, viewing alphabets as a set of shapes and “a world of infinite possibilities.” MWM designs have featured on t-shirts and skateboards and have also drawn attention from a diverse selection of names such as The Guardian, Nike and Rojo Magazine in Barcelona who published a recent book of his works.

MWM's Concrete Hermit show is a personal celebration of his art and design across disciplines and will include a range of striking prints, murals and colourful installations.

Concrete Hermit | 5a Club Row | London | E1 6JX