No understanding between the brain and the hands is a collaboration between Pocko photographers and illustrators. Inspired by Metropolis, the 1927 silent science fiction film created by the famed director Fritz Lang, five of Pocko’s photographers have collaborated with nine different designers to create interpretations of the film.

From strange creatures taking over the concrete jungle to our understanding of the city as a living organism, the images created as part of No understanding between the brain and the hands reinterpret Lang’s urban dystopia, creating new versions of the city as we know it today. Questioning the relationship that we share with the city, the joining of photographers with illustrators has resulted in a striking collection of images that challenge our place within today’s metropolis.

Accompanying the exhibition is issue one of Pocko Times, a large format collection of visuals with accompanying short stories from the work of the Pocko Network.

Kemistry Gallery | 43 Charlotte Road | Shoreditch | London | EC2A 3PD
(26 February—04 April 2009)