Bodhi Gallery on Brick Lane, relaunches this evening the 25th February with the opening of “21” a collection of paintings by Joe Holbrook.

Not many people can say they have put together a collection of work ready for their debut at the age of 20. But Joe Holbrook is one of the few that can, coming from a south London borough he brings to Bodhi his “21” exhibition, a series of portraits from the night life which we all love and can relate to. His paintings focused on the body of his chosen subject showing how body posture, and the garments which we wear often says a lot about us. All his canvases are painted in acrylics, then covered in a clear resin giving the impression it is finished with a layer of glass.

Joe Holbrook’s debut show will be taking place at Bodhi Gallery from 7pm on the 25th of February till the 4th of March 2009.

Bodhi Gallery | 214 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA