The East Ends newest gallery,Electric Blue Gallery plays host to a collection of new works by the hugely influential graphic artist Jasper Goodall.

Goodall rose to public attention with his style defining work for The Face magazine in 2000-2003 influencing a generation of illustrators and helping pave the way for illustration's resurgence and reinvention in recent years. Here Goodall presents for the first time, his first solo show of personal work in a gallery environment.

Entitled 'Poster Girl' the work explores the notion of fantasy versus reality, a subject which has fascinated Goodall for some time.
"Sexual attraction, I believe is almost entirely down to our fantasies, after all when you first meet someone you don't know them, but you make up and idea about them in your mind and it's this fantasy that you are attracted to. Once you get to know them, all too often the fantasy doesn't match with the reality, I think it's why such a large proportion of relationships don't really get off the ground!"

Electric Blue Gallery | 64 Middlesex Street | London E1 7EZ

The exhibition will open on the 6th February and will run throughout February,