'Thee Soft Verge' is David Bray's second show at StolenSpace Gallery opening this evening 19th February.

Using basic drawing tools, such as pens, pencils and paper, Bray creates delicate and time-consuming drawings which explore emotion, utopia and a world of fantasy through his subject matter of the beautiful and erotic, but the unattainable female form. His compelling works reveal his lifetime love of drawing and a very active imagination taking the viewer into his dark, amative world of fantasy.

'Thee Soft Verge' will showcase his new body of work which finds itself blended into old notebooks and antiquated objects, toying with the idea of life and death, heroes and villains. "It is about taking the viewer to a place of safety, but where you then become trapped, within my headspace. They won't be able to return to the same thing afterwards."

Stolen Space Gallery | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London
The show will run until 15th March.