Keeping it on the Italian tip, The Brick Lane Gallery presents “Via Brick Lane”, an exhibition showcasing works by a selection of Italian Street Artists, reunited for the first time in a London gallery. The exhibition will showcase nine of the most established Italian artists, some of which are represented in major collections worldwide and have a regular presence in international exhibitions and biennales.

Inspired by various art-historical movements as well as cultural references, these artists bridge the gap with the previous generation of Street Artists by developing new and innovative techniques of production and creation.

Continuing an affinity with the traditions of graffiti and stencils, the works are also intricately linked to the urban environment which the artists use to present subtle critical comments of today’s society. Their aim is to create a guerilla-based freedom of expression which can compete with the market forces and their commercial visual impressions. Using the city’s landscape, content and design as a source of inspiration to create a new global language, they attempt to make their works as visible as possible in our current jungle of endless signs, logos and commercial advertising.

Artists include: 108 from Alessandria, El Gato Chimney, Orticanoodles, Ozmo, Pho, Santy and Termine Growth from Milan, Lucamaleonte and the Sten/Lex duo from Rome.

The show opens with a private view on the 11th December 2008 and the show will run until the 5th January 2009

The Brick Lane Gallery | 196 Brick Lane | London | E1 6SA