In the making for nearly two years, this monumental tome not only demonstrates the gallery's passion and continued commitment to their gallery artists, now recognized globally as some of the most exciting contemporary artists of their age, but is an invaluable and important documentation of this historic period.

Whilst marking the gallery’s 25th anniversary, the book specifically catalogues their exhibitions over the last 12 years and covers 17 selected exhibitions and the work of a number of the contemporary art world’s most high profile artists; Adam Neate, JosĂ© Parlá, Phil Frost, Anthony Lister, Futura, James Marshall (Dalek), Boris Tellegen (DELTA), Mark Dean Veca, Ron English, Space Invader, Stash and WK Interact.

The book is structured with a number of 'mini books' within its pages, featuring in-depth interviews and analysis with each artist by art historian Ben Jones, and includes an interview with Elms Lesters Gallery owner and curator Paul Jones.

Hard bound with a beautiful embossed cover and with a spectacular full colour dust jacket,it has 573 images printed across 502 pages. The highest print and production skills and technologies have been used to produce exceptional colour reproduction of the works and a variety of different paper stocks have been used to enhance and support the various sections of the book.

The book is limited to 1000 copies, is presented in individually numbered boxes and is available to buy online here or directly from the Elms Lester Gallery if you are in London.