Lazarides Gallery presents a major new 10 day project (7 – 17 November 2008) by the renowned cult art duo Faile. Taking over an area of an old school in Kennington, Faile is bringing its unique brand of artistic adventure to the streets of south London.

Faile’s work takes the visual vocabulary of popular culture, urban decay and consumer excess, and reworks them into new, exciting and sometimes troubling narratives for the viewer. Layers of posters torn away from walls or comic book-inspired remixes, Faile’s instantly recognizable practice refers to a visual culture that is sometimes disposable, yet demands serious attention.

Lost in Glimmering Shadows features a new series of paintings and sculptures which explore an ambivalent attitude to the hypermodern culture of today’s USA. As well as incorporating images and texts from the chaos of the modern urban landscape, the works use imagery, stories and patterns from Native American Indian culture. A metaphor of sorts emerges in this juxtaposition; the expanse of contemporary commercialism at the expense of society's connection with nature and spirit.

Lilian Baylis Old School | Lollard Street | London | SE11 6PY
Vauxhall (Victoria line)