“Jon Burgerman makes vibrant, neo primitive scrawls of shapes and colour. He's pushed his monster-like characters into compositions where cartoon-like forms are crammed on top of each until they create a screaming mass of energy. Intensely prolific, he has pushed the character obsession of the late 90s into a far more interesting and strong direction. Think Walt Disney at an Incan monument on mescaline." Francesca Gavin, author of Street Renegades, Visual Arts Editor Dazed & Confused

The UK artist has built a strong international reputation through his unique and colourful artworks of swooping, intertwining lines and hyper-emotional characters. Working across a variety of media that includes drawing, painting, print, animation, large scale murals and toy design, his art retains a hand-made, hand-drawn quality. A sense of British self-deprecation, dry humour and modern-day anxiety imbues his work along with an enthusiasm for salads.

Because I Can’t Sit Still is Burgerman’s second solo show in London this year and follows on from his successful exhibition at Helium Cowboy Artspace, Hamburg in August. Work featured includes Anxiety Wall, a sprawling installation of ink drawings wallpapering the entire back of the gallery space, sculptural pieces, new large scale fabric prints and the showcase of his new 300 page monograph 'Pens Are My Friends' published by IdN.

This show will be on from 20 October to 1 November 2008 at Coningsby Gallery, opening night on 21 October from 6.30pm - all are welcome.

Coningsby Gallery | 30 Tottenham Street | London, W1T 4RJ