Kemistry Gallery announce their latest exhibition – First impressions last. If someone met you for just two minutes, what would they say about you? In a time of personal image consultants, constant scrutiny and ever multiplying subcultures, we carefully craft our outward appearances for friends and strangers alike: first impressions last.

Part performance-piece, part exhibition, part guessing-game; Kemistry Gallery and Fallon London have collaborated to challenge your self-image. They invite you to have your portrait written by five diverse people: from a rapper to a romance novelist. What will they think of you and how will they differ in opinion? How well do you know yourself: would you be able to identify the five different versions of yourself on a wall of others?

The exhibition will comprise the following:

Part One (23 Oct—1 Nov) Visit the gallery; have your portrait written.
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 12.00–6.00 / Saturday 12.00–4.00

Part Two (3—22 Nov) Return to the gallery for the written portrait exhibition and try and find the five that describe you.
Opening Hours: Mon–Fri 9.30–6.00 / Saturday 11.00–4.00

There will also be an evening event at the gallery for all participants and their friends to see what has been written.

Kemisrty Gallery | 43 Charlotte Road | Shoreditch | London EC2A 3PD