StolenSpace will host New York based artist Dan Witz, 2nd London solo exhibition, showcasing a new body of oil paintings on canvas this Thursday 2nd October.

As a legendary street artist, Dan Witz lends wit, color, and grace to New York City. As a painter, he seduces outsiders into his oil painted worlds. His early influences were a mixture of punk rebellion, culture jamming and the scary urban blight of New York in the early eighties. As a painter, technically he has always been fascinated by old master techniques of simulating reality. In the 1980s, Witz was also a musician involved in the downtown art-punk scene. He currently lives in Brooklyn and splits his time between making gallery paintings and street art. Witz started doing street art when he moved to New York City in the late 1970’s.

“I’ve put up some kind of anonymous un-permitted outdoor work every summer since. The intention behind my projects has been varied - aesthetic, socio political, and personal – but the motivation has always been to get out of the studio and have fun while making work that’s direct and uncompromised.”

Dan Witz is arguably the Godfather of Street Art and this, his 2nd solo show with StolenSpace, is deserving of the attention it is gathering. The show runs from 02 of October - 19 October.

Stolen Space Gallery | Dray Walk | 91 Brick Lane | London

For our New York readers Dan also has a solo show opening the same night in New York at the DFN Gallery titled "IN PLAIN VIEW". The gallery is located at 210 11th Avenue in Chelsea. More info here.