"My relationship with popular culture is a love/hate affair. I always feel like vomiting when I'm in the supermarket - but not until I've scoured the brightly lit aisles and fondled the colourful packaging and read each and every perky slogan that whispers seductively to me. This is how the world of consumerism works, and no matter how much sugar is on top, every mouthful leaves a bad taste in our mouths. This is Crapitalism."Ben Frost

Crapitalism will feature a selection of new paintings, prints and a video installation as Sydney artist Ben Frost explores the darker side of consumerism in his apocalyptic hyper-pop paintings in his first UK solo show.

Bold, distinctive, confronting, witty and completely original Ben uses the tricks and techniques of the advertising industry, but not in order to sell hamburgers. Using the symbols and icons of the media moguls, Ben re-calibrates them anew, and turns them against the propaganda industry.

The recently launched "No Walls Gallery" are hosting the show and are taking over the Dray Walk space within the Truman Brewery, with the opening night and preview on Thursday the 25th of September.

Opening night: 25th September from 6.00pm
The exhibition will run from 26th-30th September 2008
Dray Walk Gallery | Truman Brewery | London