Mixing sharp humour with a delicious edge of melancholy, Little People in the City brings together the collected photographs of Slinkachu, a street-artist who for several years has been leaving little hand-painted people in the bustling city to fend for themselves, waiting to be discovered. . .

‘Oddly enough, even when you know they are just hand-painted figurines, you can’t help but feel that their plights convey something of our own fears about being lost and vulnerable in a big, bad city.’ The Times

The book is due out on the 5th of September with a book launch event on Sunday 31st August in London. There will also be "The Little People Treasure hunt" where Slinkachu will be placing four installations at various locations around London and it is up to YOU to track them down and find them.

The hunt will start at his upcoming show at Cosh Gallery on Berwick Street where you can pick up the clues. The first person or team to spot all four installations and get to the finish line at the Truman Brewery Bar on Brick Lane will win a signed print from the show. There is also a special prize for the best photography of the installations, with a flickr page set up here for you to upload to, so bring your cameras!

After the hunt, there will be music and drinks at the Truman Brewery Bar and the chance to buy the book a full 5 days before it arrives in shops (woopie!). More info on the book and the hunt can be found here.