Opening today Saturday 9th August, 4pm at Black Rat Press a charity show in aid of the Big Issue Foundation. In what must be one of the most impressive line ups of the year 40 artists have kindly donated works to this show and all proceeds go towards helping the homeless.

Confirmed artists so far include: Dotmasters, Dface, Eine, Mantis, Matt Small, Swoon, Nick Walker, Peter Kennard, Cat Picton Phillipps, Ron English, Herakut, Jamie Reid, Andrew Mcattee, Charming Baker, Robert Sample, Elbowtoe, Hush, Pure Evil, Julian Opie, Miss Bugs, Modern Toss, Ruth Marten, Dan Baldwin, Peter Blake, Logan hicks, Armsrock, Cyclops, Beejoir, Chris Stain, Labrona, Anthony Lister, Copyright, Blek Le Rat, Gaia, K Guy, James Mylne, Eelus, SPQR, Neverwork, LET, Dog Byte, Static, Jef Aerosol, The Krah, Pam Glew, Mr Jago, C215, Part2ism, Tony Gray, David Walker, RYCA, Dr D, Mighty Monkey, AME72, Christopher Remy, Rene Gagnon, Zac Walsh, Bandit.

It promises to be a great day and an amazing show.
Black Rat Press | Thru Cargo Garden | Arch 461 | 83 Rivington Street | London

Photo taken by Romanywg who has a selection of the work from the show over on his flickr here