East London design shop and gallery Concrete Hermit have updated their online website and it now features an online shop and community network where you can join in.

Concrete Hermit also have a new exhibition open in their gallery space this Thursday 3rd July. The show will feature new work from two young london based artists. Kate McMorrine is an artist from the Isle of Skye, a tiny island just off the coast of Scotland where she “learned to play magical instruments and see colors no other can ever see”. She now lives in London, speaks in a dull monotone Scottish accent and eats a lot of meat. She hates hippies, does not trust people with thin teeth, and likes fighting on Saturday nights. She also makes creepy weird art. Alec Strang is a design & illustrator based in London studying Illustration at the London College of Communication. Alec’s drawings focus on the darker aspects of modern youth culture using mostly black and white figurative pen and ink drawings.

The show opens 3rd July 2008 and runs for a month until the 3rd August.

Concrete Hermit | 5a Club Row | London