We have been big fans of Stephan's work for a number of years and are excited to see he will be releasing a book in early september. Some of you may know Stephan's work which he has created under his graffiti alias Calma. This book with the same name documents the emblematic and spiritual paintings and murals that the Brazilian painter has emblazoned on houses, churches and walls in rural villages in his South American homeland.

"Calma" introduces the visual language of Brazilian painter and illustrator Stephan Doitschinoff, who finds his creative cadence in the realm between authentic urban art and rural spirituality. The title Calma is not only Stephan Doitschinoff‘s alias as a graffiti writer, but also the abbreviation of “con alma” (c’alma) in Latin, meaning “with soul”. His emblematic metaphoric imagery feeds off Afro-Brazilian folklore, pagan and alchemistic symbolism and contemporary pop culture. Doitschinoff composes spectacular murals and applies his extraordinary talent to emblazon houses, churches and walls in rural cities in his South American homeland.

For the first time, Calma documents his artistic journey through these rustic areas and presents the complete visual pandemonium of a young urban artist who creates powerful figurative worlds. His colourful murals and black and white drawings are a sensation internationally and have been shown in galleries and museums around the world.

The book is available on pre-order from amazon here