Opening tonight Thursday 12 June at Black Rat Press gallery, a new installation show featuring the work of three talented artists. Chris Stain, Ponchoand Armsrock.

Armsrock was born in Copenhagen, Denmark but now lives elsewhere in Europe. He creates life-sized portraits of his fellow citizens in an attempt to retell some of the stories the city holds. He interacts with the streets by placing these portraits (each an intriciate original drawing) back in the environment from where they came. A project he sees sets of open sketch books.

Chris Stain is an established American stencil artist who sees his work as a direct reflection of the people, neighbourhoods and struggles that are swept along with the every day lives of the common American. With these works he hopes to capture and convey the importance of the forgotten, marginalised and disinherited individuals of society.

Poncho hails from the Chiapas in South East Mexico and is an artist whose work similarly seeks to highlight the unsung, powerless and dispossesed members of society. This time those of his native Mexico. Poncho works in stencils and intricate cut-outs and exhibited. Last year he and Swoon exhibited a show about the gulf between Mexico and the US at Mu in Holland.

Black Rat Press | Thru Cargo Garden | Arch 461 | 83 Rivington Street | London