‘DISSTOPIA’, is Ronzo’s first UK solo show, and opens at the StolenSpace Gallery on the 20th June with a private view tonight the 19th June.

The show will feature a new body of work based on visions of an apocalyptic future set in the wastelands of what is once believed to have been the city of London. The new paintings, collages and drawings examine not only the ruins of the architectural landscape as we know it, but focus on the human aspect of life in a society, the day after. Avoiding all the common clichés usually attached to this subject, Ronzo’s unique figures, characters and life forms tell their own stories. The little narratives, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad take us to very strangely familiar places. The concept of the show plays with our fears and hopes of an uncertain, not to distant future.

Ronzo’s creations are previously unseen and unlike any other. It is a post-graffiti future vision of a vandal from a street level perspective. The work is a fusion of the figurative and abstract. Some of the works are three-dimensional mixed-media collages using objects and surfaces taken directly from the street and affixed to the painting itself. In some parts Ronzo’s paintings are precise, technical and detailed while in others they are kept loose and seem almost unfinished. This allows the viewer room for interpretation and provides the opportunity for them to form their own opinion. The drawings are generated in a spontaneous and rough manner, as the artist describes: “Although there is always a general idea in place before I start a drawing, the outcome is ever so uncertain. When the pen hits the surface an intuitive journey begins.”

The show aims to stimulate as well as to reflect and sharpen our view of today’s society.

The show runs until 06th of July

Stolen Space | Dray Walk | The Old Truman Brewery | 91 Brick Lane