Early Griffin Press drop their third series of screen prints - by French, Rachel Cattle and Tom Gauld.

French's 3-colour 'Boar Tree' characteristically marries amazingly detailed line-work with a slightly twisted subject. Rachel is best known for her beautiful pencil drawings, so simple and yet suggesting a darker story unfolding. Her axe is one colour print, a graphite/grey. Tom Gauld's 'Gigantic Robot' is a fantastically huge, classic Tom Gauld robot, his gorgeous hand-drawn lines in black on top of silver.

Early Griffin works closely with invited artists to produce screen prints in limited editions of 50, with 3 artists in each series. Series one artists are Nigel Peake, Supermundane and Zakee Shariff, series two are Holly Wales, Neasden Control Centre and Robert Hanson. Each edition is printed by Early Griffin Press by hand and then individually approved by the artist.

They also donate 10% of the profits of each edition to a charity of the artists choice.
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