If anyone is familiar with monsters, it is American artist Chet Zar. He explores them every day. They are part of his life, both professional and private. As a designer, special effects make-up artist, sculptor, and 3D animator for major Hollywood studios and rock bands such as Tool, he sketches, creates and builds them on a day to day basis – if you know the movies Hellboy, The X-Men, or The Ring, you have seen his creatures come alive. As a painter, Zar portrays them as they are: ugly. When you look at Chet Zar’s paintings, you will realize an inescapable truth: We are the monsters.

Friday 13th will see his UK solo show "Ugly American" open at Strychnin Gallery in London. There will also a limited edition catalog featuring works from the "Ugly American" exhibition. You can see a preview of the catalog and order here.

Strychnin Gallery | 65 Hanbury Street | London E1

On Saturday, June 14th, Chet Zar will be signing the "Ugly American" catalogue that accompanies the exhibition at Orbital Comics & Collectibles. Between 3 and 5 pm, the artist will be at 148 Charing Cross Road in London - the first twenty copies will be given away for free, so come early! See the Orbital website for more details.