Leonard Street Gallery is proud to announce the opening of an exhibition of new works by celebrated artists DOZE GREEN and ROSTARR. WAR PEN which opens tonight will feature new Works and Installation by these two legendary artists.

Doze Green (Rock Steady Crew) and Rostarr (Beautiful Losers) have both graced the scene for many years displaying their various forms of artistic expressions through painting, drawings, music, fashion and film. For the first time in the UK, these prolific artists will come together to create a visual journey for the viewer to experience through their display of these various forms and mediums.

Through stream-of-consciousness painting, both artists use traditional graffiti techniques involving energy and motion to create forms that exist in a visual meeting place of ideas. Doze Green explores meditations on matter and anti-matter, layers of consciousness, and different possibilities based on cosmology, while Rostarr’s stylized calligraphic writings introduce grace and tension as a distinctly human gesture. This collaboration is an extension of this metaphysical concept that becomes visually displayed through an installation based exhibition from both artists.

The Leonard Street Gallery | 73A Leonard Street | London