The forthcoming May bank holiday weekend is looking set to be a good one. Posters for "The Cans Festival" have popped up around shoreditch and Pictures On Walls have also announced the event on their website.

It promises to be the largest mass gathering of stencil artists the UK has ever seen and is gonna span an entire London street. Being billed as a street party of stencil art, the event will take place in a yet to be announced location/ street over three days, starting on the 3rd of May and finishing on the 5th May. Admission to the festival will be free and the event location will be announced on Friday morning. There is already an impressive line up of artists confirmed for the event including Banksy, Pure Evil, Faile, Logan Hicks, DOt Masters, Blek,Eelus, M-City, Roadsworth and Dolk to name a few. THis event is not to be missed if you are in London.