First release of the new year comes from Just Seeds based in the USA with a bunch of new screenprints released including this new Swoon print titled Huahuapan de Leon (pictured above).

Here's what Swoon has to say about this new print:

"This is a portrait of a woman sewing a soccer ball. Every soccer ball sold anywhere in the world takes at least a day's labor to piece together. The threads inside of each ball are grey with the oils from the hands of the person who sewed it. I was introduced to the women of Huahuapan de Leon because alongside their craft sewing balls, they have organized a worker's cooperative and are beginning to fight for the rights of indigenous people and women in the south of Mexico. With this portrait I honor the labor that goes into each object that they create, as well as the work that they are doing to bring about social change.

All profits from anything I sell through the Just Seeds site is donated directly to projects, the likes of which I would like to see more of in the world."

Each print is unique: the paper is hand stained and varies greatly.
2 color silkscreen print with hand staining
8.5"x11" signed/edition of 250