We are getting excited about this show already, we mentioned it at the start of the month and we have now been sent the details for the forthcoming "BAST show.

Leonard Street Gallery present their first show of 2008 titled "Booby Trap". The new exhibition will feature installations by Brooklyn-based "BAST along with fellow New York artist Judith Supine featured in the Project Room, opening 25 January.

"BAST combines the varied yet complimentary elements of pop-culture, political sarcasm, and a pinch of the Anarchist Punk movement with mixed media collage and silkscreen techniques to create boldly stylised and somewhat gritty images.
His work appropriates this medley to convey his own interpretations of American life. Guns, grenades and Molotov cocktails are often waiting to be unleashed by a host of Disney and Warner Brothers' characters that use their weapons as carelessly as kids use water balloons, often asking the question, "What if cartoon characters ruled the world?"

In a slightly similar vein, Judith Supine arranges magazine cut outs and photographic images into colourful and strikingly cohesive large-scale assemblages. Supine's arresting street art is obsessed with garish, neon - coloured characters that live among us - collages of big lips and staring eyes-on industrial doors and abandoned walls throughout lower Manhattan and London.

The exhibition will feature installations by both artists and works that vary from small to large scale. The resulting worlds and portraits developed by both artists are at once intimate and, with an enormous, looming presence, monumental in their impact.

Show opens to the public 25th January and runs untill the 16th February.
Preview 24th January 6:00 – 9:00PM
Leonard Street Gallery | 73 A LEONARD STREET | LONDON
Nearest Tube : Old Street

You do not want to miss this show, gonna be awesome. See some of ye there.