Author Tristan Manco releases his latests street art publication 'Street Sketchbook'
We have finally got around to blogging this, " Street Sketchbook" is the newest book by Tristan Manco (author of Stencil Graffiti, Street Logos and Graffiti Brasil) and is set to hit the shelves on the 5th of November.

We are really looking forward to getting our hands on a copy of what looks set to be a fantastic publication. Having documented the graffiti and street art that we see on the streets every day in his previous books, Tristan has taken it to the next level with Street Sketchbook and takes us behind the scenes to bring us a glimpse into the minds of over sixty-five artists via their personal sketchbooks.

The pages showcase an incredible diversity of working methods, innovative approaches and personal fixations, including declarations of love, typographic explorations, alter egos, storyboards, mythological creatures, anatomical studies, architectural drawings, and extreme doodling. They may be diverse, but they all exude creativity and originality.

With over 500 colour illustrations the book is hardbound with rounded corners for the sketchbook look and a spot-varnished cover, what more could you want. You need to have this book in your collection.

To mark the release of the publication, the recently opened Rough Trade East on Dry Walk will host a book launch on the 9th November – at which artists from the book will be present to doodle on copies of the book, as well as creating new works and scribbling on the walls. Artists set to appear at the book launch include:

Wet Shame Crew: Paris, Eco, Mudwig (Great Britten)
David Earl Dixon (Colchester)
Duncan Jago (Bristol)
Guy McKinley (Manchester)
Showchicken (London)
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