While checking out the Pure Evil solo exhibition on Leonard Street at the weekend I got to finally meet the lovely Francesca Gavin. Francesca is a freelance features writer, critic and editor based in London. She is currently Visual Arts Editor at Dazed & Confused magazine, an associate editor at Marmalade and also interviewed me about the Invisiblemadevisible website for FACT magazine awhile back. Francesca has just finished a new book for Laurence King and told me it was hitting the shelves this week, although Magma apparently already have copies.

Her new book titled "Street Renegades: New Underground Art " highlights a new wave of artists who are subverting the three dimensional streetscape to shock, educate, entertain and reclaim the corporate theft of street creativity.

Frustrated by wholesale corporate theft of the scene, the latest generation of street artists are employing different techniques in their work, different means of dissemination, different materials, different ways of getting their work noticed. Using the detritus of the urban environment—advertising, fly-tipped rubbish, street signs—the new scene is subverting the streetscape in 3D to shock, educate, and entertain. This book documents the new graffiti with photographs of the work and interviews with major players around the world.

Artists featured include:
Brad Downey, Caliper Boy, Cut Up, Eine, El Tono, Faile, Cayetano Ferrer, Samuel Fran├žois, G from Paris, Michael Genovese, Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, Graffiti Research Lab, Influenza, Invader, Mark Jenkins, Leopold Kessler, Knitta, Carla Ly, Adam Neate, Part 2, Psalm, Robin Rhode, Skullphone, Slinkachu, Judith Supine, Thought Police, Thundercut, Truth, Dan Witz, Zezao