Italy's modern day street insurrectionists BLU and Ericailcane have been making cutting edge art together for more than five years. SUPER FLUO will feature a series of new etchings and drawings not previously shown in the UK. Ericailcane belongs to a collective of artists known for their disparate artistic language styles. He studied at the academy of Arts in Bologna and has exhibited various works including sculptures, paintings, drawings, video and installations. Ericailcane’s style takes a sinister and morbid approach to animals depicted as fairytale creatures with human attributes. His playful drawings often resemble Victorian children’s illustrations and suggest an animal that might be one’s friend (an example as illustrated above right). Yet through the juxtaposition of images of life and death there is a palpable tension in the work, leading to feelings of threat and discomfort.

Ericailcane has shown in a number of successful group shows such as the Spina Festival in 2005, Santa’s Ghetto, 2006 and Sound Zero, September 2006 –January 2007. Ericailcane has also published a book of twenty drawings, titled ‘Il Buio’.

Blu’s artistic career started as a result of his interest in underground and illegal art, especially graffiti culture. His work begins as a sketch before being transferred to larger scale murals. His painting style is quite traditional; he uses brushes as well
as a paint roller as he blends the painting with the surrounding architecture. His inspiration stems from the desire to transform ordinary decaying places into beautiful and interesting environments. Blu has exhibited his work in Italy, South America, Spain and Germany. Like Ericailcane, Blu has also published a book of his drawings.

Lazarides Gallery | 8 Greek Street | Soho, London
31 August – 28 September 2007