Leonard Street Gallery in conjunction with New Image Art presents..." Sacred Clowns And Dog Warriors "An installation of new works by The Date Farmers also featuring..." Those Bloody Yanks "...a group of artists taking their cues from the worlds of street, skate board culture, design and fine art. This is a survey of contemporary artists running the gamut of abstraction, design, figuration, and street art as they spin the world around us into an object of perception. As some of the finest of their fields, this show exhibits a wide range of sensibilities and approaches to current trends in Contemporary Street Art.

New works by Jeff Soto, Herbert Baglione, Eddie Martinez, Evan Hecox, Caroline Hwang, Suzzanah Sinclair, Neck Face, David Ellis, Eric White, Bast, Rich Jacobs, Cleon Peterson, Misaki Kawai, Ashley Macomber, TWIST and AMAZE.

17 AUGUST – 31 AUGUST 2007
PREVIEW: THURS 16 AUGUST 2007, 6:00 – 9:00PM