Super talented Canadian based artist Other is at the moment trying to raise funds to get to Barcelona for the Festival de Arte Contemporáneo en Barcelona, where he has been invited to paint a mural with two other Canadian artists Juan Carlos Noria and Patrick Thompson.

In efforts to raise funds he has created 170 Lino prints...6 different editions. All linoleum prints have been hand printed by Other without a press, all hand printed with a wooden spoon!!

THESE EDITIONS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO REPRINT!!!! because after each layer is printed it must be cut away to make way for the next layer..making them extremely rare prints and small editions ...all prints are numbered titled and signed and not very expensive.

If you are interested in buying some prints, send an email to this email address with the prints you want and you will be sent a paypal request : troy.lovegates [at]

To see the other 5 prints check his flickr here.