Workshop in Bristol open with a new exhibitions this Friday the 13th!! The new exhibtion will feature Limited Edition prints from the Invisible Art Club. The Invisible Arts Club combines the 2 influences currently contributing to the democratisation of art we are now witnessing: Graffiti/street art and TinterWeb.

“We believe that art is for and should be available to, everyone. We do not agree that there should be any “arbiters” of taste who decide what is or is not art, what is fashionable, “in style” or “acceptable”.

Artists on show will include: cy one, DScreet, Eko, Marcin Dud, Russell Maurice, Seks, Snoe, Sweet Toof.
If you are in Bristol the private view is Friday 13th, 6pm till 9pm. All prints are signed, numbered and for sale.

Workshop | 1-2 Perry Road | Bristol.