Tonight is the preview night of Plus Plush - an exhibition of 14 artist's work and customised plush toys.

Bodhi Gallery and Vinyl Abuse have teamed up to bring the art toy phenomenon to East London. Each of the 14 artists, illustrators and design talent were given a specially commissioned plush toy designed by Muju. They will exhibit the toy alongside a piece of their 2D work.

The line up:
Muju, Peskimo, Hicalorie, Julie West, Jawa, Triclops, Squink!, Tortoy, Hide, Sichi, Sneakyraccoon, Mr Pinks, Potatomo, What What.

The audience and visiting public throughout the duration of the exhibition are also invited to take part. Templates of the toy will be available for anyone to draw on. These public entries will then be on display in the gallery.

Plus Plush | Bodhi Gallery | 214 Brick Lane
Beer and other goodies will be available from 6:30PM on Monday 4th June 2007.