After a week of chillin in Brooklyn, we are back in sunny London. While New York was a blast, the wheather was really shit. I think we had like one or two nice days. It was so cold i had to buy a few extra layers while there, plus we had torrential rain last Sunday. It rained for like 27+ hours without stopping once, insane stuff! We only ventured out once for brunch- eggs, bacon, fried green tomatoes, biscuits with white gravy and sausage ( sooo good) and an insanse amount of coffee. All good.

I checked out a bunch of good shows including new works from Dalek at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. The work was super tight, really hard to believe that the work has been painted its so perfectly flat and flawless. As there was a very strict no photos policy at the gallery I dont have any pictures from the show but here is an image from the gallery website of one of the canvases.

More images from the show can be seen over on there website here.

I also checked out a great design show at the Riviera Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn, titled True Belivers and curated by Matt Owen of Volume One. True Believers featured a group of designers who created original artwork for the Riviera with their Influences and inspirations ranging from skateboarding, punk/postpunk, and early hip hop to 70s educational graphics, 60's countercultures, and the Swiss style all resulting in some fresh work. To view some of the work that was on show check this website here.

Shouts of to Sal, Katie and Billie, Kate, Rich and Charlotte, the Overspray Team, Skewville and all who made it a memorable trip. Back tothe London stuff.