See-Saw - Solo Exhibition by Conor Harrington

Exhibition Dates: Fri 10th of November - Sat 23rd of December

SEE-SAW - "A situation characterised by rapid, repeated changes from one state or position to another" (Oxford dictionary)

New at Soho’s Lazarides gallery is See-Saw, an exhibition show casing new works by celebrated artist Conor Harrington. The show features original portraits in a combination of oil and aerosol, as well as charcoal drawings.

Conor has described the themes behind the work as "a depiction of a lone figure swimming in a sea of abstract urban chaos. These pieces explore the transient aspect of graffiti, drawing parallels between these urban traces and human movement. The paintings embody two opposing elements - oil and aerosol, abstraction and representation, chaos and control, constantly see-sawing back and forth."

LAZARIDES, No 8, Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 4DG

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