With over 2,870,450 Fotolog Members from across the globe uploading anywhere upto 159,000 digital photos a day it not surprising that a book has just been released. Fotolog.book: A Global Snapshot for the Digital Age is the largest collection, in a book, of photos that were first published on the Internet. And they were all, more than 1000 of them posted first on Fotolog. The book tells the story of Fotolog's birth and growth in its first few years, and it's a celebration of what Fotolog has created: the huge network of photo friends, photo family, and photo favorites that we all use as our playground.

Having taken over two years to compile, the hardcover book published by Thames & Hudson, has just gone on sale in the UK, and will be available from early to mid April in the USA and worldwide through all good bookshops as well as online booksellers.