A new music coffee house has recently opened in the city centre of
Bristol called OPPO and will be the new venue hosting the Postcard Show. The show was due to be at the Leaky Gallery but has had to change venue last minute.

The show will feature crazy facts that have been illustrated by various artists who have responed to an open call for work.

The show will take place on the 4TH FEB. The cafe is open from 8am the show will officially start at 4 and run untill 6.

72 park street
via park street ave

As the show is now at a different venue there will be no bidding on the postcards but you are able to purchase your favorite design at the cafe for the pocket money prices of 4 pounds, but remember all the money will be going to cancer research uk so any extra you wish to give would be greatly appreciated.

There will still be an after show party at the e-shed with the canvas show of the What collective, friends and fools. More on that closer to the date.