Street ArtistWK INTERACT from New York is currently showing at the DPMHI Gallery here in London (2-3 GPS, Great Pulteney Street, Soho, London W1) and is open to the public till the 23rd of October 05.

If you haven't been to New York and seen WKs awesome works in the flesh on the streets, this show will give you a little taster of the what he creates. Beautiful large painted pieces in-store and a selection of limited prints makes it a worth while visit.

If you can't make it to London to catch the show, have a look over at this flicker account for a great selection of photos taken at the show by the Ektopia people.


If you have some more time on your hands go and have a look at the Offical WK Interact website, and don't leave the site without seeing the man in action in the mini movie clips in the DVD section. Pure genius!!