For all you Lomo heads out there........ first it was the Supersampler vs Dalek book. Now another book is planned which will include photos taken with a Holga camera. What the hell is a Holga I hear you cry! If you don't know read here to find out about this crazy camera.

Here are the details for the book:

Are you seriously attached to your Holga? Have you already made your wedding proposal? Good move - since the Lomographic Society is dedicating a book entirely to the picturesque honeymoon of you and your black plastic beauty!

We all know that the inestimable Holga is not your everyday love affair: a rendezvous with this femme fatale may end up in unpredictably blurred images, measureless vignettes, a row of black blowups or zillions of light leaks. But thanks to modern plastic surgery and your delicate hands, you and your sweetheart can also produce the most wonderful and admirable photographs. And that is what is it all about: show us the fruits of your passionate love affair, the good and the bad times, the colour and the grey, endless overlappings and double exposures, the 6x6 and the 6x4.5, the indoor and outdoor rambazamba, 35mm and 70mm film-frenzies, upside down acrobatics, colorflash madness, lovestruck daytime dash and lustful nighttime hullabaloo!

Upload the most precious results you and your beauty ever achieved, and youĂ‚´ll be on the lomographic loveboat to your photograph in the new passionate Holga honeymoon book

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