12ozPROPHET proudly presents also known as...

Graffiti and the hybrid cultures surrounding it all need a big kick in the ass, and there are few that are more qualified to do it than us. ALSO KNOWN AS will be a 190-page, full-color, perfect-bound, graffiti-obsessed, street culture bible released twice yearly. The focus will be nothing short of dear, dirty destruction; the glorious variety of fuck-you graffiti that offers no attempt to make friends. Absolutely every page will be pure unadulterated content, without room for advertisements or nonsense. We're also supplementing this first release with several inserts including a kiss-cut sticker sheet, a special fold-out poster, vinyl die-cut stickers, and much more.

Likewise, the print production orgy we've got planned for this volume includes alternating several sections of the book to one of a series of carefully selected specialty paper stocks, as well as produce each section with one of several spot colors and varnishes specifically chosen to highlight the content we're showcasing. Though each volume of ALSO KNOWN AS will be limited to a total edition of 10,000, some copies will be more exclusive than others by way of a tiered release identifiable by one of three distinctly colored foil stamped covers, each individually inscribed with a unique edition number. Multiple paper stocks in the same publication? Several different spot colors? Various types of varnishes? Multiple covers that are individually numbered? You can't do that without an entire print house at your beck and call. But we've got that covered. We've got a high-end printing press and bindery shop in our back pocket, and we're ready to flip this completely unfair competitive advantage into the most elegantly graffiti and street culture publication that the world has ever seen.

At least now you know it's coming.
RELEASE DATE: September 2005

- Kaws - www.kawsone.com
- Futura 2000 - www.futura2000.com
- Todd James / Reas - www.reasinternational.com/
- plus guest appearances by the most notorious vandals from in and around NYC

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