1LOVEART.COM London Show

'The New Originals' will be bringing new work to London town tomorrow Sunday 22nd, with a group show to warm your cockles at Notting Hill's, Westbourne Studios. DJ, Spraying, Live acoustic set, New original Urban Art, get yourself down there...

New and secondary original urban art from; Sickboy, Dora, Hine, Paris, Milk, Motorboy, Starchild, Nick Walker, The Art Tart, Felix FLX Braun, Eelus, GhostBoy, Floyd, Tmajik, Jim Starr, DM, Gastro, LL Brainwashed, Michelle Barker, Alison Black, Hine, Simon Mills, 3megabits... More to be confirmed...

Get your names on the guest list for your chance to bag a free print. rsvp/contact; beth@1loveart.com

Westbourne Studios | 242 Acklam Rd | W10 5JJ.

Sun 22nd - 25th February 2009


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