Keeping it on the zine tip we are pleased to announce our first collaborative zine. Hooked have teamed up with South London Illustrator / sticker King and lover of all things heavy metal Mr Red5standingby, to bring you the "Elvis Was A Hero To Most" zine.

This full colour 148mmx148mm zine features a selection of Red5's favourite music legends (not just the metal ones!) which he has illustrated using only MS Paint!! We loved the low-fi look of the illustrations and thought they would make a fantastic zine. We don't normally sell things directly from the site but we are making an exception for this zine cause we think it rocks.

UK £4.00 inc. postage

International £4.50 inc. postage


1 comment:

THE DILLY said...

bring some on saturday to sell! THEYRE FANTASTIC!!!!

im setting up the stall at 2pm...more zines the better!
perhaps you guys wanna dj for an hour to launch it? cds & vinyl?