Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sony's PSP Print Campaign

Cool Hunting is offering it readers the chance to vote for Sony's PSP U.K. Launch Print Campaign.

Designers Neil McFarland and Jon Burgerman were asked to create art inspired by the game Wipeout Pure to be used in the print ads for the U.K. launch of Sony's PSP. The pieces created are based on the race tracks each of them designed for gamers to download on the PSP and use in Wipeout Pure.

The readers are being asked to pick which one will actually get used. You can vote for your favourite over at The Cool Hunting website here

Jon Burgerman would appear to be in the lead so far with 588 vote.
Voting will close on the 7th October.


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Anonymous said...

Hey there

I just wanted to give a little insight into why people got bothered about you posting the Elk show details. Please don't think I am critising you at all, it is more I am trying to help you understand why people got upset by it. It turns out on Friday the BTP (British Transport Police) turned up at the show and were hassling people that left; asking questions, looking in their bags etc. For graffiti writers the threat of prison is ever present and VERY real. The reason BTP only turned up on Friday is because that is when the details were published on the net. IF they had gotten that phone number and turned up they would have had a field-day; mainly as some of London's biggest graffiti vandals were in attendance! Graffiti writers treasure their anonymity and have a real belief in the "grapevine" for spreading info, as it helps to exclude the police. Street artists don't have the threat of prison sentences and if caught would get fine or asbo at the absolute worst. I hope this helps to put the comments that you didn't like into context. Safe and all that.

Anonymous said...

Jon Burgermans work sucks.
and the other guy is like pete fowler.
so neither